Ann Fay Rushforth 

After years as a painter and sculptor, I was introduced to metal fabrication and art jewelry in West Palm Beach,FL. After much study under some fabulous teachers and mentors, I find myself able to create rather than turn my design ideas over to other makers. My family always revered and collected objects and jewelry created by skilled artisans, so I certainly had a high standard of production set in my head from childhood, yet my experience as a metal maker is eight years and growing. As I continue to work, I find myself most interested in making functional work in metal. I have noted masterful pieces share certain qualities no matter the century or style or media the work represents, so I am in a search phase pushing me to design work with those unique qualities: yet I am keenly aware that I must design work with a contemporary signature. My mother's family come from the coast of the Sea of Azov, north of the Black Sea, and a major trade route of the Vikings  and source of cultural interchange. This heritage together with the fact that my childhood years were usually spent in Europe and the Orient have a bearing on the way I see and what I seek, and above all what I make.


Ann Fay has a MFA degree from the Visual Arts College, Antioch University. She lives and works in Palm Harbor and is an active member of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths.

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