Fran Goch  

Native New Yorker, a worldwide traveler, adopted home of Paris and now Atlanta resident, Fran began a creative journey that has spanned continents and coalesced into the design and fabrication of sleek, sparkling jewelry and ornamentation. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, dramatically juxtaposing shapes, textures, colors, and patterns. 


Drawing, painting and crafting from a young age, Fran attended the renowned Parsons School of Design in NYC where she graduated with honors and a BFA in Fashion Design. After a successful career in the garment industry, Fran relocated to Paris, France in 1986 and spent the next 25 years pursuing artistic endeavors ranging from fashion forecasting, design and illustration to sculpture, printmaking, and photography. It was here that she learned the art and techniques of silversmithing and began a new path and passion. Collecting precious pearls, minerals, fossils and antique glass from around the world, Fran turns these cherished items into sculpted jewelry that feature hand-forged silver or copper adorned with elaborate cutout designs and rare gems.




Artist Statement


With ideas inspired by the decorative arts of exotic countries and their history, the diverse cultures that I have discovered during my travels, a love of nature and its rhythms and hues, I combine all these to create treasured ornaments, a symbol of our past and present worlds.

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