Kristi Hyde

Growing up in North Alabama, I spent much of my childhood playing outside, running around in the hardwoods, making believe of all sorts of fantastic things. The lotus pods, the cypress trees, the occasional fox or deer running through our yard... it all inspired my love and respect for nature. I have been connected to the natural world from such an early age, that it is inevitable that nature, is a force within my work.

Just as my jewelry designs are a celebration of nature, they are also influenced by a pulse of my urban life, my love and appreciation for antique jewelry and ornamentation, as well as a degree in Fine Art. I describe my work as being modern vintage infused with an organic design philosophy and having a fairytale aesthetic. There is a balance in asymmetry within my designs honoring the perfect imperfections of our natural world... a broken twig, the skeleton of a leaf starting to reveal itself...

I carefully select the botanical elements I use within my work. It is their overall form and the movement it suggests that ultimately determines how and why I encapsulate them in metal and use them in designs. With a knowledge and background in clay sculpture I hand sculpt each of these pieces of nature using a precious metal emulsion.I sometimes give my pieces a "kiss" of 22k gold and stone settings. Each piece is polished and finished by hand with a patina technique I have made all my own. I achieve dimensions of color with my patina process that gives the illusion of these precious metal botanicals as being all too "real".

I believe the attention is always in the details. The details can be simple or complex, nevertheless, this is where the magic happens.


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