Lynn Tolleson

Lynn Tolleson was born and raised in Western Canada, but moved to Georgia in 1976 with her husband, Tom, who is a native of Atlanta.  Together they raised their three sons here in the South.

Lynn worked for many years as a professional counselor, but has always been drawn to the world of art.  She began her art career as a student at the Chastain Arts Center about ten years ago, and has experienced the wonderful blessing of being able to bring life to a canvas.  She paints mostly in oils, and her desire is to bring beauty to her work, to create something that will speak to the heart of the viewer.  She has been richly influenced by artists such as Debra Nadelhoffer, Jim Richards and Richard Schmid; and like them, endeavors to paint in a loose, representational style.  She has been invited to participate in numerous shows, and her studio is open to the public at the Artists Atelier in Atlanta.

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