Susan Saul

After many years as a visual artist working in printmaking, textiles, costume jewelry and large-scale paper and mixed media, I “came home” to metal-smithing about 25 years ago. What appealed to me so much, aside from the physicality of the work and the opportunity to be a tool-collecting nerd, was the fact that human relationships are essential to my product. My hand-fabricated works of art jewelry contain the energy and intentions of the maker, yet are only really alive and complete when worn on the body. The materials and design features interact with the wearer producing personal, subjective sensations.

If there is any one concept that inspires and infuses my work it is the expression of the feminine face of the divine in the physical world. In my view it can only help the overall quality of life on earth to support and empower the feminine energies of compassion, cooperation and balance.”


Susan has a BA in Fine Art from University of California, Santa Barbara. She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband Steven and two cats. She continues to teach at the Spruill Center for the Arts and work in her studio, “the woman cave.”


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